Signatures at the Merril Collection

The spaceship-like office of Lorna Toolis, Head, Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy in Toronto, Canada.

Autographs From The Merril Collection's Opening Party Guest Book

If you ever find yourself in Toronto, do yourself a favour and check out the Merril Collection of SF on College Street. Third largest in the world, with over "63,000 items of science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction, as well as magic realism, experimental writing and some materials in 'fringe' areas such as parapsychology, UFOs, Atlantean legends etc."

Collection head honcho Lorna Toolis has been very kind to the Terminal Collection, sharing a fantastic file of JGB memorabilia from The Man's past, most notably an incredible 8,000 word unpublished interview from 1984.

I recently spent some happy moments at the Library, and was fascinated with the Collection's guest book, which, as you might surmise, has the signatures of some of the biggest and best to visit the Library. The first few pages are interesting, as they represent the guests in attendance at the Library's opening celebration. At this point in time it was called The Spaced Out Library. It was renamed in 1990.

Judith Merril opens the doors on October 9, 1971.

I've been told the Japanese names are Fred Pohl's translators who were travelling with him. Fred's name is halfway down...

Michael Moorcock's signature, from a few years later.