JG Ballard Bibliographies

The Terminal Timeline
A movie of my collection: all the pulps, magazines, paperbacks, novels, special editions and early variant editions laid out in a single horizontal timeline from 1951 to 2007. Each image links to a much larger version. It's amazing to see all that output listed by month and year...

Complete Bibliography of JG Ballard Short Stories
Not only does this chronological bibliography tell when & where all JGB's short stories were published, but bibliographer David Pringle also speculates as to when the stories were first written.

The Critical Exhibition: Secondary Literature Online Bibliography
Umberto Rossi manages The James Graham Ballard Secondary Literature Online Bibliography. Over 170 essays and articles from over 150 writers and critics are currently listed. Email link to Umberto provided.

JG Ballard Early Secondary Sources
The neat thing about this David Pringle list is its depth: the sources start in 1951, with a review of a winning short story JGB wrote while a student at Cambridge, and ends in 1974.

What Did Jamie Ballard Read As A Young Man?
Ever wonder about JGB's early reading? David Pringle has. Using information from JGB's essay in a 1992 book, The Pleasure Of Reading, plus other, more obscure sources, David has compiled an extensive and highly plausible list of what comprised JGB's youthful library. It's quite the collection!

Bibliography of JG Ballard Interviews
Hundreds of them!