The Terminal Tapes:
Voices from the Shanghai To Shepperton International Conference on JG Ballard

University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom,
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May 2007

Our host, Jeannette Baxter. Thanks so much!

Linked items go to an audio file of the presentation.

Saturday 5th May

Opening Plenary Session: "The Violence of J.G. Ballard's Postmillenial Fiction: the Possibilities of Sacrifice, the Certainties of Trauma" Professor Philip Tew (Brunel)


Ballard and Deleuze

Simon Stevenson Crystals of the Unconscious: J.G. Ballard’s Psychophysical Landscapes

Eunju Hwang Disastrous Landscapes and Self-Quest in J.G. Ballard’s Natural Transformation Quartet

Corin Depper Death at Work: The Cinematic Imagination of J.G. Ballard

The Art of J.G. Ballard

David James Ballard’s Artistry of Agitation

Dan O’Hara Reading Posture and Gesture in Ballard’s Novels

Valentina Polcini  Ballardian Intertexts: From Fiction to Metafiction

Roundtable Discussion: Professor Phil Tew, Toby Litt, Dr Roger Luckhurst

Ballard’s Short Stories

Mitchell R. Lewis  At the Crossroads of Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies: Introducing J.G. Ballard’s Short Stories in the C21st

Paul March-Russell Exploding the Open Book: Vermillion Sands and The Atrocity Exhibition

Fabienne Collignon Of Launching grounds and Lunacies

Ballard and the Visual Arts

Joanne Murray J.G. Ballard and Early Independent Group Manifestations: Growth and Form (1951) and Parallel of Life and Art (1953)

Sam Francis Visual Art and the Fiction of J.G. Ballard

Rina Arya Reading Ballard’s Crash and Hans Bellmer’s Dolls

The Body and the Wound

Jennifer Cooke Ballard and Wound Culture

Emma Whiting ‘Abject Literature’: Disaffection and abjection in The Atrocity Exhibition and Crash

Ricarda Vidal The Birth of the Animal-Machine: Reading Ballard Through Bataille

Historical & Cultural Violence

Pippa Tandy J.G. Ballard and the Call Sign of Sputnik-1

Umberto Rossi War in Hell: Reading War in J.G. Ballard’s The Kindness of Women

David Ian Paddy
Empires of the mind: Autobiography and anti-imperialism in the work of J.G. Ballard

Plenary Session: Dr Roger Luckhurst (Birkbeck College, University of London)

Sunday 6th May


Imagined Communities

Jake Huntley The Madness of Crowds: Ballard’s Experimental Communities

Owen Hatherley Ballard’s Future Communities

Simon Sellers ‘Uncentred Lives’: Micronationalism in the work of J. G. Ballard

Ballard and Surrealism

Jeannette Baxter Visual Geographies: Surrealist anti-colonial poetics and politics in The Crystal World

Rick Poynor Visualising Ballard: Representation, Misrepresentation and the Graphic Image

Hervé Lagogue The Hypnotic Landscapes of J.G. Ballard: Surrealist Influences in The Drought, The Drowned World and The Crystal World

Invisible Literatures

Mark Williams ‘The Underground Exhibition: A Ballardian Animadversion of Ballardianism.’

Mike Bonsall Ballard’s Experiment with Chemical Living

A New Jerusalem?

Kathleen O’Donnell FA Cup or Carbon Footprint?: Canvey Island 2060

Alistair Cormack The Unlimited Dream Company: Blake and Ballard

Roundtable Discussion: Professor Vic Sage in conversation with David Pringle, Raymond Tait. Click on each picture to hear them.

Violence, Terrorism and Post-9/11 Politics

John Carter Wood ‘Going mad is their only way of staying sane’: The Civilised Violence of J. G. Ballard

Mike Doherty Dreaming of Violence: Terrorism and Self-Expression in J. G. Ballard’s Late Quartet

Martyn Colebrook “His Will Be Done”: J. G. Ballard, his Millennium and post-9/11 Politics.

Sex, Pornography and Eroticism

Angie Chau Sex and the Suburbs

Jennifer Hui Bon Hoa The Pornography of Abstraction in The Atrocity Exhibition

Mark Fischer Masoch after Ballard

Ballard’s London

Paul Newland The Isle of Dogs: High Rise, the East End and the failure of modern architecture

Sebastian Groes ‘Kicking The Dog Will Do’: Ballard’s Unhuman London

SF and Technology

Valentina Fenga The Inter-face and the Inter-space: ‘Human being/technology’ in The Atrocity Exhibition

Francesca Guidotti The Shifting Margins of Desire: Crash as Science Fiction and Beyond

Roundtable Discussion Pippa Tandy (chair), David Pringle, Simon Sellers, Rick McGrath and Mike Bonsall, followed by closing remarks from David Pringle.