The JG Ballard Memorial at the Tate Modern, November 15, 2009
Images from the JG Ballard Memorial at the Tate Modern

Plus photos from The Meeting of Ballardians
on November 16, 2009

After the prepared speeches at the JGB Memorial the attendees mingled on into the afternoon. Of course I had my camera, and during this informal session I noticed others had produced cameras, so off came the lens cap. For a complete report on the event, please go to my Letter From London which is posted at Ballardian: The plan was for everyone to meet at the Tate Modern at 11am for an 11:30 start. I overtook a walking Toby Litt about a block away and together we made our way to the top floor of the Tate’s east wing where a substantial crowd had already gathered, spritzers in hand, strung out along a glass and steel corridor that emptied to a large anteroom with a commanding view of old London to the north and the high tech security guards of Canary Wharf to the east... You get the picture. And here's more pictures you can get:

Fay Ballard. Her sister Bea is in the background, top photo.

Bea Ballard

Bea Ballard, Bea with V Vale

Claire Walsh

James Ballard, Jr.

Michael Moorcock

Michael Moorcock and Iain Sinclair

Will Self

Will Self talking with Jeremy Thomas

Iain Sinclair

Bill Spencer

V Vale

Dr Jonathan Waxman, Toby Litt

David Pringle

Chris Petit, Mike Holliday

Vale in discussion with author Dawn Ades as the crowd mingles. In the background (l-r) one can see half of Bill Spencer, with Toby Litt and Will Self far right. One of the two men in centre b/g is Barnaby Girling, who is hoping to do a BBC TV series based on the stories of Vermilion Sands.

The Meeting of Ballardians
Founders Pub, London, 16/11/2009

Ballardians all! Left to right: Mark Roche, Rick McGrath, Tim Chapman, Raymond Tait, Mike Holliday, Ben Austwick, David Muir-Bacon, Dave Pringle (Photo: Solveig Nordlund)

Solveig Nordlund

Dave Pringle

Tim Chapman

Ben Austwick

Alistair Scott

Raymond Tait

Alison Chan, Ben Austwick, Gwyn Richards