Great Anarch

Directed by Alvise Renzini
Italy, 2003
18 minutes

Based on the JG Ballard short story, Answers To A Questionnaire, this is a dark and twisted story of genetic experimentation carried out in a block of flats. Driven by the authoritative voice of the narrator, the purpose of the experiment seems by turns protective and malevolent – until its real basis is revealed. Even though the film is an account of an experiment, it’s the treatment of the subject itself which is most significant: using the authoritative, clipped language and the forms, lists and matrices concomitant with bureaucrats, Grande Anarca constructs a murky, labyrinthine world with considerable style. An inventive and ingenious animation.

Director's Filmography: At the Barber's (2001), The Cyclops (2001), Il vitello d'oro (2000) 

ScreenWriter: Lucio Apolito
Producer: Opificio Ciclope
Editor: Benedetto Lanfranco