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Dedicated to the work & life of J.G. Ballard: November 15, 1930 - April 19, 2009
The Terminal Collection

Hello, and welcome to my JG Ballard collection and archive. I think I have all of JGB's print output from 1951 to the present. This link will take you to the Terminal Collection index page, where you can see all JG's output in one file -- The Terminal Timeline -- or go to specific years.

JG Ballard Interviews

This bibliography lists over 150 JG Ballard interviews over the years.

Various Ballard Bibliographies

Start with The James Graham Ballard Secondary Literature Online Bibliography
by Umberto Rossi. Over 150 essays and articles from over 140 writers and critics are currently listed. Other lists include the complete bibliography of all of JGB's short stories, JGB's early secondary sources, and Dave Pringle's fascinating study of what JGB read as a youth.

JG Ballard's Shanghai Days

Lots of photos of JGB's Shanghai neighbourhood and childhood haunts, the Lunghua Camp, and a whole section of interviews with other Lunghua internees.

Deep Ends

Here you'll find little oddities, stories, reviews, maxims, notes, etc, from or about The Man that have popped up along the way, but were too odd to list on their own.

Non-Fiction by JG Ballard

From 1963 to 1971 JGB wrote a number of "editorials" explaining his position on "Inner Space". Here they are, as well as a number of old journalistic pieces that are fascinating.

Articles & Essays About JG Ballard

Scholarly and interesting articles from such critical luminaries as Scott Bukatman, Paul Crosthwaite, Mike Holliday, Sarah Blandy, Matt Smith, Jerome Tarshis, John Boston, David Pringle, Benjamin Noys, Peter Brigg, Richard Walls and Luc Sante. To name a few.

The Complete Run of David Pringle's News from The Sun and JGB News

David Pringle has generously allowed all 25 issues of his JGB newsletters to be reprinted. They stretch from 1981 to 1996, and report on a fascinating period of JGB's career. Text transcribed by Mike Holliday and David Pringle.

JG Ballard: Autopsy Of The New Millennium Exhibition in Barcelona's CCCB Museum

Hola, and buenos dias from Barcelona. It's 24 July 2008 and I’m currently standing in the Carrer de Montalegre, a narrow street outside the ancient CCCB Museum.

The JG Ballard Memorial at the Tate Modern

My full report on this heartwarming event has been posted as Letter From London at Simon Sellar's Ballardian site, but this is an excuse to post more of the photos I took during the mingling part after the formal ceremonies were complete. Yes, quite a few name brands showed up.

JG Ballard Short Stories Dramatized on The Vanishing Point

In 1988, Canada's national radio corporation broadcast a series of 30-minute radio dramas, based on the short stories of JG Ballard, for its long-running program, "The Vanishing Point".

The Shanghai To Shepperton International Conference on JG Ballard

This conference was held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom, on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May 2007. I was there with my camera & recorder, and managed to catch a number of very interesting presentations.

The Ballardian Videos of Jesús Olmo

It is always an exciting and happy time to introduce and help disseminate the work of a young artist entranced with and influenced by the ideas of JG Ballard.
POSTED: 28 October 2015

Deep Ends 2015 is now available

Introducing Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2015, a 300-page, full-size, full-colour collection of work by and about J.G. Ballard. 
Deep Ends 2015 features an in-depth analysis of the first two manuscript pages of Crash by British Library archivist Chris Beckett -- the pages are reproduced here for the first time -- plus Bernard Sigaud's recent finding of the original JG Ballard English-language preface to the Danish edition of The Atrocity Exhibition, long considered lost and reprinted here with Sigaud's exhaustive history of the elusive "Forord".

But wait, there's more! The book's contents include: 

Ana Barrado -- 14 amazing shots of Las Vegas 
Andrew Frost -- essay: "Infinite Possibilities of the Sky: Expanding the Balladian Aesthetic"
Benjamin Noys -- essay: "Conceptual Weapons: Ballard's Futures" 
David Pringle -- history: "Chronology: Ballard/Moorcock 1955-1962"
Dominika Oramus -- essay: "The World of Simulacra: JG Ballard, Philip K. Dick, Jean Baudrillard"
Feroze Alam -- Six post-apocalyptic paintings
James Reich -- essay: "Hello Baudrillard" 
Jeannette Baxter -- essay: "Uncanny Forms: Reading Ballard's Non-Fiction"
John Boston -- essay: "JG Ballard's Second Wave of Short Stories, 1959-1964"
Matt Smith -- thesis: "The Work of Emotion: Ballard and the Death of Effect"
Mike Holliday -- essay: "A Home and a Grave: An Alternate Reading of The Unlimited Dream Company"
Paul Green --  "Staring Down the Eye of the Cyclone: The Wind From Nowhere"
Pippa Tandy -- thesis: Writing World War III: JG Ballard's Field Guide to the Cold War" 
Theo Inglis -- essay: "Yesterdays Tomorrow is Not Today: JG Ballard and This is Tomorrow"
Valentina Polcini -- essay: "Ancient Mariners of Inner Space and Robinson Crusoes in Reverse: Literary Myths in JG Ballard's Science Fiction"

JG Ballard WebLinks

Simon Sellars.
The Man.

JG Ballard:
A Collector's Guide

Mike Holliday.
The Sleuth.

Mike shows and tells with tips for anyone interested in collecting books, stories, and other material by and about JGB.

The JG Ballard Concordance
Mike Bonsall.
The Scanner.

An amazing site in which Mike's scanned every word used by JGB in all his short stories and novels. Yes, all two million of them!

JGB Chat Group
Join in the fun, or voyeuristically eavesdrop on a buncha JGB fans.

RE/Search Publications
V. Vale has lots of great Ballard books.

Chris Mitchell.
The Link.

Dan O'Hara
Dan teaches literature & philosophy at a university in Germany.

JG Ballard: 20th Century Chronicler
Jim Goddard runs this site as an offshoot to his Solaris bookstore, but it doesn't look like he's paid much attention to it recently.

99 Stella Vista
Cronenberg’s Crash
Who2 Profile
The Metro-Centre

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Rick McGrath
POSTED: 28 October 2015

Grave New World is now available

In this book Dominika Oramus reads J.G. Ballard’s fiction (and some of his non-fiction) as a record of the gradual internal degeneration of Western civilization in the second half of the twentieth century. In sundry ways and styles Ballard’s ostensibly very heterogeneous oeuvre depicts the same intangible catastrophe that has happened to the world. Contemporary reality is thus presented in his late prose as “post-apocalyptic”: though we are not literally living amidst the ruins, the golden age is far behind us and we are witnessing the twilight of the West.

Oramus achieves two aims in this study. First, the revelation of the Grave New World, that imaginary territory Ballard describes in his books, which is a combination of the turn-of-the-millennium world, intertextual allusions to both fiction and non-fiction, and Ballard’s projections for the near future with its sociological idiosyncrasies. She shows that no matter which literary convention Ballard applies in a given text (science fiction, speculative fiction, detective story, thriller, war novel, or any other), he charts the very same territory and remains throughout primarily interested in the reaction of the human mind to the post-World War II reality — which is the common denominator of his diverse obsessions. Second, she sheds light on the spiritual condition and social problems of contemporary Western civilization as seen by Ballard, its ever so inquisitive member.

Her technique in approaching Ballard is that of textual analysis and a close readings of passages of his texts that best show his exuberant stylistics; sometimes she also points out his references to literary and cultural theories. As far as said theories are concerned, Oramus follows Ballard’s own readings. He very often alludes to critical schools and makes his characters discuss fashionable notions and ideas. She refers to the same sources: mostly psychoanalysts, but also historians and recent cultural theorists.
POSTED: 13 January 2014

Deep Ends 2014 is still for sale!

Introducing Deep Ends: The J.G. Ballard Anthology 2014, a 200-page, full-size, full-colour collection of work by and about J.G. Ballard. 

Deep Ends features an ultra-rare 1980 prose-poem by JGB called "Crystal of the Sea," discovered as the Foreword to an obscure Japanese photo book... plus previously-unpublished articles by Bea Ballard and Iain Sinclair, plus a long and extraordinary interview with Fay Ballard by David Pringle. And lots more!

The JG Ballard Book is ready!

Yes, if you're a JG Ballard fan, you'll quite like The JG Ballard Book, an oversized collection of articles, ideas, interviews, insights and a travelogue... as well as uniquely featuring hi-rez reproductions of over 60 pages of handwritten and typed letters from JG Ballard himself. That's right! James Goddard  contributes actual Ballard documents from his extensive collection, a total of 56 pages of Ballard’s handwritten text, interview corrections, lists and more from JGB's intense and experimental late 1960s and 1970s… as a bonus you also receive Goddard's seminal and very rare 1970 Ballard bibliography -- complete with JG Ballard's own handwritten comments and corrections. It's amazing!